In all Claims various subjects have different roles and whose profiles must be found quickly online, without having to search and write them every time.
On the XClaim Med's database you can register unlimited users in 9 organised categories:
  • claim adjuster's Handler
  • Lawyer
  • Specialist
  • Medical Expert
  • Insured
  • Underwriter
  • Type of underwrtiter
  • Broker
  • Reisurance Brokers
However users are not all the same!
The software allows you to assign personalized access privileges to each User, so that everyone can carry out only those permitted operations. Therefore the claim adjuster's Handler will access all information, and he will be able to use every functions. On the other hand the Insurance Company or Broker will have access and writing rights limited to their own policies exclusively.
To users such as lawyers, medical experts and specialists, even giving them the possibility to access online the data concerned their claims, will have even more restricted modifying permissions
Moreover, from the users list you can check the accesses statistics of everybody, modify user name and password, and, if necessary, remove an user at all.

POLICY & CLAIM features

Every Claim needs to be described according to specific standards.
With XClaim Med you have at your disposal as many as 11 different features in which you can insert the descriptions you want:
  • Type of Policy
  • Policy Section
  • Type of Status
  • Type of Reason
  • Hospital department
  • Type of Damage
  • Damage Description
  • Type of Loss
  • Severity
  • Type of Conduct
  • Currency
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