Pay per use

XClaim Med is a software provided as an online service, accessible 24 hours a day via the Internet on the Xtranet cloud web servers. The cost of initialization of the service includes:
  • Assignment of the www address for the online access to your XClaim Med Service
  • Definition of the template layout, coordinated with your corporate image
  • Editing and definition of item names of the web interfaces record fields
  • Edit and definition of the column item names of the borderau .XLSX files
  • Definition of mandatory record fields
  • Definition of access / writing permissions for User Groups
  • Definition and customization of documents related to the standard communications form
  • Training of the operating personnel to the Service
The monthly fee is proportional to the number of clims uploaded on the platform
All-inclusive formula provides includes all those services necessary for the operation of the software,
in particular:
  • User license of the online software for the agreed number of Claims management, and related policies
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited storage space for data relating to all Claims, Policies and Users records.
  • Manutenzione e aggiornamento continuo del software gestionale per garantirne l'operativit√†
  • Maintenance and continuous updating of the system to guarantee its operation
  • Cluod BackUp of the Service and the database
  • HA Firewall Sonicwall in mutual failover
  • Reduntant clines connectivity = 99,95% network uptime
  • Intrusion Detection probes.
  • Stabilized power supply with two independent uninterruptible power supplies
  • Generator set with < 10sec activation time
  • Surveillance and armed vigilance H24
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