Xtranet Srl

Our company name includes the corporate mission DNA.
Effectively our goal is to realise the extranet system for our Customers, genetically integrated to the internet, to make available online those data needed by the subjects connected to their business.
For 20 years Xtranet staff has been designing web applications and providing custom made management software.
To guarantee a perfet system integration, we have chosen, all along, to also provide all internet complementary and necessary services directly by our propriety servers. The completeness of our supplies has been always appreciated by our Clients, who surely prefer to have only one interlocutor.

@ Xtranet we know how to listen.
Knowing how to recognise the Customer's needs, enables us to design and build application solutions, and to develop online Services, perfectly overlapping to their requirements, alwasy hitting the targets planned from the beginning.

Success is never enough!
The constant commitment in research and testing pushes us into surfing the highest technology wave, still keeping within security limits of high reliability, availability, and serviceability of Services provided: "safety first!" For these reasons the systems realised by us are integrated, scalable, and with an high yield/cost ratio.

Working group

Our team is in constant collaboration with a net of professionals, specialized in the single areas of expertise. Xtranet makes a group of freelances available with multidisciplinary skills about latest IT systems, about web interfaced software applications, about the most modern net infrastructures, and more broadly about your company online communication.

This shape allows to you to have an unic referent for all integrated networking Services, with the garantee of a prompt and authoritative answer to the efficacy and efficiency needs that the Claims management demands.
The costant attention to the requirements of a rapid evolution reality, combining to the professional experience so far gained, make us able to satisfy your operative priorities as tailor made as possible.

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